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Holly and Cat: A couple of slobs

January 22nd, 2009

Today. @ 01:49 pm

Where I Am: at work...bored...
I'm Feeling So: hungry hungry
LP I'm Listening To: new friend request by gym class heroes
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Today, I changed my Social Security.  Tomorrow, I will change my license.  Oh my god.  I'm married.


Yeah.  It's exciting!


As soon as I get off work today, I am going straight to the store to buy Bitsy a leash and everything I need to make my Aussie tucker.  (hehe...it's fun to say that with an Australian accent...try it...you'll like it...)


haha...I just thought of this comedian I watched once talking about backseat drivers.

"A drunk backseat driver isn't bad...unless he's a very persuasive drunk backseat driver."

"Turn left here!"

"But that's a brick wall..."

"Trust me..."



And yes...having my marriage license does make it seem that much more real and official.
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Holly and Cat: A couple of slobs