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Holly and Cat: A couple of slobs

January 28th, 2009

Yesterday. Oh goodness... @ 05:01 pm

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My husband and I went to Walmart yesterday at around 6-ish.


I bought one of those water just things that comes up to my hip.  Then, I bought a trash can (one of the big ones so that the water jug could fit in it).  Garrett bought a gas mask type thing and a tube.

When we got home, Garrett cut out the bottom of the water jug, duct taped one end of the tube to the small opening of the jug and the other end to his gas mask.  He then filled the trash can up with water and smoked out of our homemade gravity bong.

I didn't want the gas mask or the tube.  Since it's been duct taped, and there is no way I am going to dismantle his baby, I am going to go buy another empty water jug.  If you've seen Senior Skip Day, this is what Jackson Rathbone smokes out of at some point in the movie.  I have yet to see all of it, since there is no place in town that I can rent or buy it at.  That is ridiculous.


I am about to leave work to go eat with my husband.  After I get home today, I am working on reading for school and cleaning up the house.  It really is atrocious.  I wish we had a maid that did laundry and dishes and all cleaning whatsoever.  But alas, we have none.  Nor would we be able to afford one if we could find one.  Oh well.  I guess I'm stuck doing the "housewife" duties (that's what a lady I work with calls it).
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Holly and Cat: A couple of slobs