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Holly and Cat: A couple of slobs

November 10th, 2008

I JUST LOVE IT! @ 11:34 am

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Okay.  Let's chat.  Here is what went down Friday afternoon at work. (Keep in mind I work for my parents.)

Phone rings.  It's for me.  I pick up.

Me: This is Britney. How may I help you?

Dad: Hey Britney I need you to ...[list of work related tasks]...and about your nose thing.  I don't think you should do that because it's against company policy.

Me: Okay. (I was a little upset...but it didn't really matter)

Dad: So if you did that, we'd have to tell you to look for another job.  And we're still paying for your school and...(it dawned on me that he was lying...about company policy I mean.)

Me: Okay. I get it. I won't do it. What else do you want me to do? (I was pretty pissed.)

Dad: Oh. Well.  ...[list of more work related tasks]...

After I got off the phone, I pulled out an employee handbook that I have under my desk (I'm not sure why they are there. No one ever looks at them...except for that moment.).  I went to the appearance section and all it had was one paragraph saying how employees should wear work appropriate clothes.  Fu-huck me.  I. Was. Fucking. Fuming.

I had been toying with the idea of either septum or nose.  I had decided on nose, because I was going to do a really cool spider bite type thing if I could.  Well, that was obviously out of the question now.  So septum it was.  I didn't tell my parents this.  I got it done Friday night at around 10:30p.  It actually doesn't look bad.  I would even go so far as to say it looks a little cute on me.  So yeah.  I know I did the stupid teenage 'fuck my parents I'll do something I know they'll hate because I can' rebellion thing.  But I was really pissed that my dad lied to me.  At least now I know where I got the inability to lie from (apparently my dad is just as bad a liar as I am...)


I will post at least one picture when I am at a computer where my space is not blocked and I can copy the html over to here.

By the way...

Has anyone ever heard of the word tootle (not tootles as in bye)?  I hadn't until I bought a DS and that My Word Coach game.  It means to go slow, especially when driving.  I always tootle when I drive (I rarely go over the speed limit).  Haha.  I tootle.  That is the best sentence ever.

November 6th, 2008

Ramblings @ 11:49 pm

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Okay, so it seems like my own little world is made up of elements that make me somewhat happy, content, obsessed, etc. It seems like I just can't fit in anywhere. I'm not negative and worried like mum, not routine-obsessed like dad, not dramatic like the rest of my family. I'm not matchy-matchy 'Friends'-mad like girls my age. I don't like clubs; I can drink at home and the music makes me roll my eyes. I not wish my boobs were bigger. I don't wear high heels or platforms, I don't streak my hair.

I don't go to the loo with other girls. I hate when people I know are in the loo with me, and they can hear me peeing. I REALLY hate it when they try to TALK to me while I'm peeing. I feel like saying, "what gives?"

I hate malls. I don't like fruity alcoholic drinks or whipped creamy coffees. I don't audition for musicals and plays because I'm too short and they won't take me. I don't get amazing jobs because I'm too young. I don't apply for crap jobs because I know I'd shoot myself. And I hate talking on the phone.

I'm seriously against beauty pageants, evening sitcoms and polos. Why would anyone wear one? You could be bloody Kate Moss and it would look like hell on you.

Right now in the midst of all this weird family turmoil, and the fact I have been traumatised, I have never been more creatively on fire.

But I'm not going to belong anywhere. I'm only saying this because it makes me sad/mad/confused. It seems this like is one of those wooden thingies with holes, and I'm this square peg-thingy. And I try to pound myself into this hole and that hole and they keep spitting me out. 

And I go out and try to find a kindred spirit. And they walk away because I start talking about Picasso or the devolution of human behaviour. I know. I suck. 

The leaves are at their peak right now. The trees are on fire and I really feel it. There's one tree in my yard that is blazing. And I'm looking forward to snow and winter. Today I learned to knit.

I LOVE ANAL! @ 07:52 pm

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Wow!  I am twenty years old now...

Halloween night!  I went to IHOP at around 4 or 5 in the morning with Chelsea, Josh, Kylie, Baber (not sure on that spelling...)...we had some fun...we did some shit...the night started with Chelsea being a hott ass mess from alcohol and ended with her being a hott ass mess from tiredness and me being a hott ass mess from drugs.  I don't really frequent the drug scene often at all, but now I think I am done.  It wasn't so bad...until I got home...

The second I stepped into my house, I walked to the bathroom and just sat there having a staring contest with the toilet.  I started to kind of laugh because I started thinking about that Eminem song Smack That! where whoever it is says "and I get more ass than a toilet seat..." Of course, right as I finish mumblerapping that line I threw up...a lot...and then I thought...'well...it was funny...until I threw up...'

Anyhoo...I don't really think that the drugs caused my sickness...I think it was just what put my body over the edge...you know?  Because I ended up being sick the whole next day and had to go to the doctor because I couldn't even hold down water...which is a really good way to die of dehydration...they gave me a shot to stop my nausea and vomiting...and then proceeded to tell me that I could not eat anything for the next 24hours...I almost cried...I was so hungry...

So the next day...5hours left until my 24hours was up...I went to FUCKING IHOP and I hate some FUCKING hash browns and I praised whoFUCKINGever invented food because they are the bomb dot com...it was so good!  And I have been CRAVING IHOP every day since...and now I am out of money because of my cravings and I cannot have IHOP and its tasty hashbrowns and toast with strawberry jam...sadness...

Anyhoo...I believe I am done for now...

(I know I have used this header before...but I just love it...)

November 5th, 2008

HOLY SHIT! @ 02:30 pm

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LP I'm Listening To: nightrain by guns n' roses

My sister just had a baby!

He is 8 pounds!

That's one fat baby!

Hot wide load coming through! (haha...that was from Chelsea Handler...don't mind me...)

October 21st, 2008

This weekend @ 06:10 pm

Where I Am: my bed
I'm Feeling So: anxious anxious

There is a coffeehouse midtown where the coffee is really good. Almost as good as the coffee in Italy. But I think it does things to me that coffee from other places don't do. It makes me slightly schitzophrenic. I swear. It's more than a caffeine buzz or that jittery nonsense. I feel like I'm going bananas!

One of my favourite cousins is coming into town for my gran's memorial. The only thing stressful about that is that I lose sleep from giving up my bed for the couch. And I already have sleep problems. He is very hyper, which is both draining and motivating. I need busy, active, hyper people in my life, because they give me energy. I don't know why, but I receive vibes so strongly from people, and I'm so in tune to moods and feelings.

Saturday I will have to endure my poor mum who will be inconsolable and an array of dysfunctional relatives/very wealthy and slightly posh relatives/dysfunctional friends. All in the same building. Some of which do not know how to behave properly without some kind of herbal/alcoholic refreshment.

I wouldn't be surprised if a fight broke out.

Tonight: Beat poetry lecture. Very gear.

October 13th, 2008

SO PREGNANT! @ 07:18 am

I'm Feeling So: bouncy bouncy
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My sister is SO pregnant!  It's so exciting! She's already dilating and the doctor says that she will have little g in 2-4 weeks!!!! I am going to drive down there when she goes in to labor!

Good Golly Gee Wizz! I am so excited! I told Garrett that seeing her and being around her makes me want it to be ten years from now when we plan on having our kids...it's like...the whole thought of having them and getting be a parent excites me so much now...but I definitely do not want kids right now...I want to have them later...I just want later to be right now...sadness...but excitement that Courtney is having a baby!!!!

Yayay for the little Garrett Paul (who happens to have the exact same name as my fiance...creepy how that works out...)

October 10th, 2008

NEPHEW SOON! @ 10:17 pm

Where I Am: sister's computer
I'm Feeling So: giddy giddy
LP I'm Listening To: listening to the news right now...

I am so excited! My nephew was due on November 11...but my sister is already dilated so the doctor's new time frame is right around my birthday!!!! I am so excited!!!!  I cannot wait for little G to be born!!!! I am hoping that I will have enough money that I will be able to come visit my sister at least once a month for a weekend to help with the baby so that I can be a part of his life...hopefully that actually works out...I love having a nephew on the way...my sister is so pregnant and adorable!!!!  Yayay for little G coming soon!

October 9th, 2008

I am going to buy a shirt that has twenty collars...and I will pop them all... @ 11:38 am

Where I Am: work
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LP I'm Listening To: whatever you like by ti is playing in my head...

I am so torn...

I have been thinking so ridiculously hard about what I want pierced...ear nose septum ear nose septum ear nose septum...

1. I have done it before so I know what to expect
2. No one would care about it because it's my ear
3. I have wanted it for a while
4. I probably will not end up taking it out when I am bored with it
1. No one would care about it because it's my ear
2. I want something more extreme (for me)
3. Ears are boring

1. I could see if they could do the spider bite for my nose
2. Parents have already approved of it so I won't have to worry about work
3. I probably won't take it out for quite a while
4. I have never seen anyone with a spiderbite in their nose so that would be kind of cool
1. I probably will eventually take it out when it pisses me off
2. I have never seen anyone with a spiderbite in their nose so I don't even know if that's possible
3. My best friend has her nose pierced so she would probably think I got it because of her

1. My friend has hers done and she would be okay with me kind of copying
2. I could easily hide it at work by flipping up into my nose
3. It would be pretty extreme for me
1. I will probably think it looks like crap and take it out
2. I really don't think I will be able to pull it off...

I think septum is out...ear nose ear nose ear nose ear nose ear nose...

This problem is so vain and more than stupid...

I am only doing so that I will at least possibly be able to relate to and understand the woes and perils of being a teenager...(since everyone knows that once you hit twenty, everything you knew about being a teenager gets thrown out the window...haha)

I am so shallow...

September 16th, 2008

A bunch of everything @ 11:34 pm

Where I Am: my bed
I'm Feeling So: moody moody

After a few consecutive days of being bombarded with networking ideas, AND that it's finally feeling like FALL, I am stuck between being insanely motivated and being absolutely knocked for six that my grandma probably won't make it through the rest of this week. Cancer's a bitch.

Mum and dad are going on holiday on Saturday IF Gran holds on, and I am taking care of their house and anything that comes up in the Gran situation. Today mum called up everyone and told them she was dying, and EVERYONE promptly went up to the nursing home at the SAME time, thoroughly pissing Gran off. I don't blame her. If I was dying, I wouldn't want everyone standing around gawking. I'd tell everyone to piss off. Which she pretty much did.

All this week I have a smattering of networking ops. And I am in dire need to cut my hair. My stylist friend who cuts it in exchange for a photoshoot is renovating her salon this week and I can't get it cut until she opens it back up.

I finally joined facebook, which everyone was bugging me about. Talk about networking ops. I got back in touch with a fellow shooter that I got incredibly pissed with AT a fashion photoshoot and almost snogged. He's such a whore, but is he sexy.

I am in love with this picture.


So we can talk about anything here, right? @ 11:37 am

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Okay...so...this morning was amazing.  Seriously.  I woke up in the best way possible.  First my fiance knocked on the bedroom door so I had to wake up and walk across the room to unlock it.  Then he snuggled up next to me and he was all cold and I loved it (usually he is insanely warm...I don't understand it at all).  It was around 4:45 in the AM or so (it doesn't sound so good yet, does it?).  As we were cuddling, I started feeling his breath on my neck (big turn on for me).  We had sex.  Really good sex.  He talked dirty.  He rarely talks dirty, but when he does, I die (in a good way).  Yeah...I'm pretty sure that the dirty talk was what pushed me over the edge...I love that man!

I think I would really like a repeat performance after I get out of class today...hmmmmmmmmmmm...

Holly and Cat: A couple of slobs